Another boast for Lysol Power & Free

So Lysol via Bzzagent, sent me a free bottle and container of wipes from their new line of cleaning products. Lysol Power & Free. I am in LOVE and will never go back to the bleach cleaners! The hydrogen peroxide formula does the same thing a bleach cleaner does, minus the harsh fumes. As you may know, I have an 8 month old munchkin. A fume free cleaner, that still kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, is important to me. Before trying this product, I couldn’t find anything that met those both needs. I could find one with no smell, but it would not clean and kill germs, or I would find a bleach cleaner that had horrible fumes. So much so, that I would have to clean when Elijah was sleeping, or someone else was home to occupy him. Now, I can use my time much better and be able to relax when he is snoozing, or the rest of my family is home. Hubby drives truck, so when he is home, I love being able to spend time with him rather than cleaning.

Not to mention, Reese, my Gordon Setter had an accident in the house the other day. Lysol Power & Free took what was sure to be a stain in my carpet, right up.

It is tough on the tough stuff, and leaves behind no residue! It is a must try for everyone. lysolPower

Lysol Power & Free =’s one happy mama

So since having Elijah 8 months ago, I have struggled to find a cleaning product I liked. I need something that is going to kill the germs but is safe for baby. With everything going in his mouth, it must be disinfected. So many of the cleaners that I used, left residue on his toys. I mean, his activity center can’t just be put in the sink and washed in hot soapy water. Finally something out there that doesn’t leave a residue or harsh chemical smell.

Lysol Power & Free cleans with hydrogen peroxide instead the common bleach. The HP kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria just as the bleach does, but is so much better on the nose and the skin. Having skin that is sensitive to bleach, I usually had to wear those hideous yellow gloves while cleaning with it. If I didn’t, my hands would look blotchy from irritation. Not anymore! I can clean with my bare hands! Yay!

I have kids, so my stove gets used much more than the college student who lives off of microwavable meals. Everyday I clean off the stuck on grim, but buildup is left behind. You know, that sticky that is just around the burners. With little effort, Lysol Power & Free brought that buildup off! Seriously? Seriously! I love it! Not to mention, I received Lysol Power & Free at no charge to test it out and review! For sure something I will purchase in the future! Want to test products for free? Visit

Lysol Power & Free =’s one happy mama!ImagelysolPower

Jodi Arias – Can you see me in his eyes?

The newest claim in the highly publicized trial of Ms Arias – look into the eye of Travis, what do you see? – You see Jodi, with two hands on the camera. – Give me a break! I understand that sometimes you can blow a photo up and see people or things inside of a persons glasses, window reflections and so on. But when I look into his eyes in that pic, all I see is blur. I am glad that we are not going to spend 3+ days with the photo expert on the stand. I am ready to see the prosecutions case.

Today during proceedings – when this photo was being discussed during a motion as to whether or not it would be admitted – the jury was not in the room. This was so if it was not admitted, they would not see it…and so on. Anyway, they moved Jodi so that she could see the projection screen. The defense attorney asked if she could sit on the witness stand, the judge ok’ed this. Martinez, the prosecutor then asked if the family of Travis could sit in the jury box so they could also see it. The judge also ok’ed this. Next thing I know, Jodi is sitting right in front of those family members. Really? This bitch killed my brother and you are going to sit her in front of me! I do not know if I would possess the restraint needed to not strangle her from behind. Thankfully, once the tears began to flow from the two sisters, the judge realized it was a mistake and moved Jodi. Cant wait to see Martinez begin his case!

By the way, all is see is a light!48139_526647724047966_153202203_n

Lessons From My Cat

Cute cat, along with a great lesson.

Rainy spiderweb

As creepy as I think spiders are, this is beautiful!

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Boston bombing

This is all so very sad! The Boston Marathon will be forever changed over this incident. I guess we should be thankful that they were unsophisticated bombs. It could have been much much worse! As of right now it has been reported as 3 dead and 144+ injured. That includes minor scraps and more serious injuries such as missing limbs ect.

As far as the tapes the media has been playing over and over. I think it is amazing and heartwarming to see people running TOWARDS the blasts. They knew very well the bombs may not have been finished going off, and they still ran to help the ones caught in it. It is very contradictory. Is there hope for humanity? Well, someone just set off three bombs and would have potentially set off more had they not been found – and then you have those people running into the blast area to help. So yes or no?

Jodi Arias – mistrial motion – AGAIN

So over this whole thing. She is guilty. She shot that man, stabbed that man, and slit his throat. She put that gun there – so it was premeditated.  It defense needs to stop trying to file for mistrial. I get it, you are trying to save your clients life – but how many times are you going to file for mistrial? So what – Martinez signed an old ladys cane –  so what he took a photo with someone. The jury members did not see it.

Motion denied – AGAIN.


Insomnia is a bitch. Everyone in my house is asleep and here I sit writing this blog. Everything under the sun is running through my head!   What is the weather going to be like tomorrow? Did I turn off the bathroom light? What is that damn cat playing with? I could scream! I read that nearly a quarter of adults hate their sleep pattern. Well I am one of them.

Why couldnt I be more like my husband? He falls asleep in like 5 mins. Asshole.

Cutest pet contest

I had a cutest pet contest on my @I hate bad parents facebook page. It was a success for being my 1st contest. We had 24 entries that needed judged. Some photos only had 1 like then others had much more. The winner was a cute cat named Zelda who had her head down in a betta fish bowl watching. It was cute! Anyway, I wanted to do a personalized prize for the winner. I found this great site to make a wooden sign. You create it – how you want! You pick the shape of the sign, the type (wooden, plastic ect), the font, the border, you can even put a photo like design! The link to their page is Pricing is amazing and they are super simple to design. You can order as little as 1 or as many as you like. Shipping cost…a flat rate – no matter the quantity!



North Korea

So do we worry about little man with a big man complex who thinks he has something to prove? Or is it all just trash talk? If he is going to do something – I wish he would just do it already. The leaders of the world are no good at avoiding confrontation. We are not going to bow down, and he is not either.

And does he have the ability to arm a missile with a nuke or not? No one seems to know. One day the US says yes and the next day they say no. Which is it? If you dont know, dont tell us.

Not to mention that our news is not reporting everything. I have to go to BBC news to get the full story. That is because our news agencies are all ran by the same people who determine what we the public “need” to know.

I say – let him launch, shoot it down, and level their ass!

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